Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Entanglement With the King Of Tentacles: Mistress of Invention:Book 1

by Kassidy Kink
Genre: Short Story, Sci-Fi BDSM, Humorous Erotica

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Restoring and updating antique sex machines gets Bernadette entre to the hottest playrooms on the coast. Demonstrating their proper use in the company of her well-trained submissives keeps the invitations coming. 

She’s been there, done them, without even bothering to get the t-shirt. 

She’ll drop her pants (if she’s wearing any), but never her guard. 

FTonight she’s delivering her latest commission to the Master of Masters.

The one man who could turn the tables and dominate her.

Because he’s not a man … entirely.

Warning: this book contains humorous explicit sexual material including but not limited to BDSM, tentacles, machines, aliens, men in kilts, bisexuality, and encounters of 2-6 entities of both genders with machines in an erotic storyline that crosses romance / science fiction / steampunk genres.

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