Monday, December 1, 2014

Release Day and Review Post shattered

by Jennifer Burrows

A year has passed since she has returned from Italy, and finally Kate is reunited with the love of her life. For so long, she had no idea whether he was dead or alive,  and now in what seems like an instant, it is as if they have been together forever. Things seem to be perfect. She and Tony are inseparable, her best friend Kendall has accepted their relationship, and Italy seems like a distant blur.
     But unbeknownst to Kate, cartel boss, Matteo Bertalucci has escaped and is nowhere to be found. Tony is all too aware how dangerous his cousin is and has hired security detail to keep Kate safe. He stops at nothing to make sure Matteo can never get at her again. 
     The day folllowing what may be the best day of their livestogether, Kate goes missing presumably at the hands of Tony's nefarious cousin. The race is on to find Kate and to save her from the evil green eyed monster, a man bent on making everyone who had a hand in ruining his empire pay with their lives.
     Will Tony be able to save Kate before its too late? Or will Matteo successfully destroy both of them and the life they have worked so hard to create?

Shattered starts where we left of from surrender. Kate found Tony and they are together again trying to pick up the pieces of both there lives. Although Kate still lives in fear of what happened to her. She think that all of there troubles are in the past but Tony has a secret that he hasn't told her. Will the past catch up to them? Will they be able to survive?
I enjoyed this book the characters and plot are well written and I am in love with Tony and the way he is with Kate. Can't wait to read more from this author.

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