Sunday, August 3, 2014

GUESS WHAT I GOT!!! The cover to BOOK 5 - INDELIBLE!!!.You guys who haven't read the first 4 should NOT read this post... and you SHOULD get with it, because the blurbs are going to SPOIL THE STORY if you don't!!!.INDELIBLE - A New Life Novel… What do you do if you discover the life you’re living isn’t the one you were meant to have? Tori Farrell’s path has been a long one. She was raised by a Motorcycle Gang called the Dragons, trained as an assassin, and lived by the sword in a world consisting of drugs, sex, violence and murder. She made her escape, and even successfully thwarted a second attempt to draw her back in. Returning to her safe new life, Tori faces unforeseen challenges, as the discovery of her Rock Star relation, Brian Madson, gives way to the desire to have the life she was born to live. Haunted by fear, and caught in a fierce battle between her husband and brother, she must learn to accept her dark past and face her future boldly. The FBI and The Organization still linger in the shadows, and time is creeping forward, pushing her to choose. Which path will she take, and where will it lead, when she is forced to decide between destiny and fate….If you need the boxed set of books 1-4 - get it for only 7.49 while the sale lasts....

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